Importance of tolerance in Married Life

In a marriage life trust and respect is the vital thing which play very important role in successful life. Some challenges are always there in every marriage because marriage is the combination of compromise between to different personalities having different thinking, behavior, understandings and level of intelligence as well. People know about their neighbors, their fellows and their relatives and psychologically it develops in their mind that all other people in the world are of same nature but the fact is contradictory.

If someone is constantly discourages his wife or husband it develops distance and belief upon each other. If someone dislikes some act of his partner and he take it serious and in return he point out such problem again and again. This act will cause development of contrary sense for wife/husband. Misjudgments and disrespect are the other important developing sense in couples. If someone is constantly disrespecting his wife or husband it leads towards separation. After developing such sense we constantly shows anger and spates every time when they talk to us and treating with anger and arguments way this will be another way to make their life unhappy.

Another major problem is selfishness and selfish demands. If someone only want his/her way and never keep in mind his partner desires he is just being selfish. So if you give yourself completely to your partner very likely your wife or husband will give you 100 percent in return.

Such problems needs particular attention and some specific and authenticated solution to get rid this situation. Most of all we should improve the sense of forgiveness. For people there are some successful hints or clues which help them to lead an effective and well balanced life. One of the greatest clues that the reciting of Quran. If you recite it daily you will positively find that it works very swiftly. Another important thing is that don’t waste time to overcome your anger. Get over it forgive your partner and let the worst thing away which is alarming your life because these problems the only way to injure you emotionally and marriage life.

You may choose your relationship and life partner through internet sites such as but I recommend that you must understand each other according to your own visions otherwise your will listen the music


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